Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monster-ous Day!

Oh yeah… I’m having a major PMS thing hehe, so what could be better than to tuck myself inside my blanket and then watch movies/TV series. Well that’s what I did, at least until about 5 PM when I managed to photograph my recent works hehe.



Paper: Monster Mash kit by Zoe Pearn
Kraft Paper, Cardstock
Stripped Ribbon

You know i did some shopping today. In fact I’ve been doing a lot of shopping this month since there are a lot of sales, especially in the digi land! Today I finally gotten myself the digi papers version of Sweet Summertime in Jessica Sprague’s store. They got their usual One Buck Wednesday (and I usually grabbed Crystal Wilkerson’s paper packs, I am her BIG fan), but then Jessica offered a 5 Dollars off deal today in the newsletter and her blog and I just couldn’t pass it up! I see a lot of cards made from this sweet paper pack and of course I want need one too ;) Here’s what I got today:

Papers01WEB  PaperPack02WEB  PaperPack03WEB  The_August_2009__4c3ede49404e2

Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!


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