Friday, May 11, 2012

Update and A Card

Hi everyone! In case you’re wondering where I’ve gone to… Well, life has been changing a lot for me lately. I am still crafting madly everyday, but my personal life kinda takes over. I have been putting off blogging for a while, I just don’t know how to start. So after what seems to be my seventieth time opening my blog software, I finally decided to post again.

About two weeks ago, my Father In-Law died after nearly 7 years of stroke and a year of not being able to get out of bed. It was definitely a sad time for me and my husband. A couple of weeks before that my uncle also passed. There has been a lot of deaths in the family and it kinda takes away my mood to go on. I often think about my father, whom I dedicate my weekends for, and how precious family times are. When we grew up, we never allocated any special family day. My parents never endorsed the custom of kissing their hand or even kissing their cheeks when we’re about to go out like most Indonesians do. We rarely ever have dinner together. We’re all very individualistic. My parents are hardworking people who went to work early and came home almost night-time, and by then we’d (kids) be exhausted by all the extracurricular activities we had earlier and didn’t get to spend much time with them. As we grew older, somehow we got closer. My father who never wants to go out to the mall or restaurants with us, now initiated it. Because he saw the point in us begging him to go out when we were little. It bonds us. So now we go out regularly, we have dinner at home together and just sitting there with them. I am not taking them for granted anymore.

Ah, sorry for rambling on… Especially since it wasn’t written in a witty way. Hehe. I am also here to start showcasing my cards again (oh yes, I have more than a dozen projects I tell you!). Starting with this one which I gave to my sister in law. She is expecting a girl :)


Digital Stamp: Momma Mae from Some Odd Girl
Stamp (sentiment): Hero Arts
Digital paper pack: The Homeward Bound Collection - Pink Paper Pack by Deena Rutter
Coloring: Copic and Finecolour markers
Dies: Spellbinders
Twine: The Twinery


Vera Yates (Ling) said...

Indah, I am sorry to hear about the loss in your family. Thinking of you and it' good to see you crafting again. Your card is gorgeous!

Marilyn said...

So sorry to hear about your losses... sometimes life throws some nasty curves at us but it is wonderful to hear how you have been able to bond with and enjoy your Dad - treasure that always.
Your card is gorgeous... I love that image and you've coloured it beautifully. Perfect how she is over the heart.

Paige said...

So sorry to hear of your losses. Hold onto those precious memories you have stored up to give you strength.

Adorable card!

Leah Crowe said...

Indah, my heart aches for all the loss you've had going on in your family :( I am so sorry. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Your card is gorgeous, congrats to your SIL, love that beautiful card!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) A•Muse Consultant #1065 said...

I'm sorry to hear your family has been through so much lately. Hugs!

It is good to see a new baby coming to the family, too, though... and what a cute card you made for the expectant mother!

Laura said...

Hello Indah, I pray and hope for better days in the future. I'm happy to hear you are making beautiful memories with your dad. I lost my dad 11 years ago. But before he passed we got really close and my kids got meet him. My kids remind everyday of my dad. They act just like him. What a blessing to know your going to have a new member in the family. ENJOY. Oh and you card is super cute,I love the image.

Margaret said...

Loved reading your story. My sympathies on the losses your families have had. I'm so glad to read though that your father is spending more time with you and going out.

Your card is just too "precious." I love the colors you chose and your image is so sweet and amazing coloring.

Arabella said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us Indah, I love that you are now getting to spend more time with your Dad. Sorry to hear about your Father-in-law and Uncle though. : (

Your card is absolutely gorgeous!


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